Take Advantage of Summer Braces!


After the long cold winter we endure in Southern Ontario, the moment the warm weather hits, we rarely can be found inside. Summertime brings with it, long sunny days, no school for most of us, long weekends, bbqs, and summer fun! We hold on to these hot days and for good reason! Something most of you may not realize is that summer also happens to be the best time to begin your braces treatment!

Here is a perfect opportunity to check off a to-do-list item while school is out and the extra-curricular activities are decreased.

At Liberty Orthodontic Centre we offer FREE consultation appointments. This complimentary evaluation is completely painless and easy. We will do a very brief exam to see if there is a need for braces and a few photos. As we evaluate the situation, we will give you an idea of what the orthodontic process will look like for you or your family and which kind of dental appliances or braces will work best. During your appointment, our friendly staff will chat with you, making sure all your questions are answered. To speed up this process bring this form to our office, which you can print beforehand right from our website!

With the daylight hours at their longest, you may find our mid-day times most convenient with your routine this summer! Consequently, this will free your time for more afternoons and evenings outside by the pool or dock!

Taking steps now, at the beginning of summer will ensure a perfect smile in no time!

Contact our Markham location and make an appointment for your free consultation. We look forward to seeing your bright smiles that add to the joy and warmth of the season!

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